Tuesday, September 13, 2011

All about hair!!! My Vent!

“Can someone please explain fake eye-lashes (or weaves, nails, make-up)?”
Unless the owner of this question is planning on trying out the above mentioned items this shouldn't be a conversation.

Actually it baffles me that it’s still a conversation – especially between us black women. The argument usually touches on taking pride in your African identity and loving yourself as God made you…blah blah blah! Usually those starting the conversation are rocking the natural look. And probably said person is educated or well read or well travelled or well…who cares what their credentials are.
Ain't easy to maintain it like this!!!
Like I said it baffles me that women in weaves, make-up, eye-lashes and nails are under attack. Being a black woman is hard enough already!

As women we need to start having progressive conversations such as; buying property, starting companies, studying further, aiming for promotions, investments…etc.
What I put on my head, fake or not, doesn't change the workings of my brain and the price of bread too actually.

We speak of liberation and equality but we're so busy hating on each other over mundane things we miss opportunities of working together and creating empires. Sadly, when we hate on each other it opens the door for men to do the same dance. Hence you hear men on live radio giving their two cents worth on our image; dissing us, saying we're not happy with ourselves…this based purely on hair!

I currently have locks before it was an afro – hidden under a weave most times. I used to get my scalp burnt just to stretch my hair. And I’ve cut my hair really short. Should I ever cut my locks, I already know I will live on weaves (hopefully I'll afford Indian Remy) or the short hair look again.

My lil' sister and I rocking the natural look
Now tell me after reading that little paragraph on my hair-history did your world spin a different direction? NO!

So next time you see a black woman, looking super hot in her weave, acrylic nails, fake eyelashes and make-up – let her be. She likes how she looks and you have no right to judge her because you don’t know her. Use that energy doing something productive and like the saying goes, “if you got nothing nice to say…”

With my girls back in the days!

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  1. This is so true. Hair is but a mere speck pf someone's character or personality but people tend to read too much into it. I love this and loved reading it. Big ups Tokiso.