Monday, January 23, 2012

Always learning

I love driving. Any opportunity to learn new skills about holding my own behind the wheel I grab. FORD yet again invited a bunch of crazy curious journalists on their Driving Skills for Life course. It was a full day of activity but also some pointers that I was not aware of.
I learnt: 
  •          The quicker I get to the highest gear possible the more fuel I save. From second gear to third gear you use 31% less fuel. From third gear to fourth gear you use 15% less fuel and from fourth to fifth you are at 17% less. Basically by the time you reach 50km/h you should be on 5th gear.
  •         Drive relaxed by anticipating traffic situations. When I leave the house I check out Pig Spotters tweets, Traffic SA’s tweets and listen to traffic reports on the radio. But I’m always expecting traffic after the Malibongwe bridge heading north on the N1. That part of the high-way has been bewitched long time ago.

  •        Avoid distraction. It’s such a weakness on my part. I love messing with radio knobs, the volume, changing disks - it’s a distraction. I know it. I’m working on it. 

  •          Maintain a safe 3-second distance between vehicles: yep I saw that work for me recently. Saw cars almost kiss each other and I had enough time to stop. 

  •          Don’t be so quick to reach a red traffic light. Slow down by taking foot off the accelerator pedal.

  •          Don’t forget to check tyre pressure daily - it saves fuel and increases safety.
All images from Ogilvy. Thanks plenty :-) 

Death by drunky goggles! Makes you think twice about driving drunk!

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