Sunday, February 12, 2012

We Live We learn (Part 1)

The art of forgiveness! That’s what I think it is. In theory it sounds so easy to do. People go around sounding sophisticated saying things like “Forgive and you will feel lighter.”

So for a while I tried that sophisticated stuff saying I’d forgiven Person who had caused me pain. Well that’s until I hear Person is going through some form of hardship. Sophistication was thrown out the window and I did a dance at their pain. “SUFFER!!” I said. 

But when the high from sweet revenge left my system and reality sobered me up I realised that I was no where near that place called Forgive-ville. Instead I was still having dinner at Angry-ville. I was and still am an angry woman.

You can’t claim to have forgiven someone when you are ready to throw a party just because Person has come across some form of sting. I’m all for letting go and forgiving but doing it…is something else. 

So how does one do it? Forgive. I mean really forgive to a point where if you were to meet Person you’d be civil and even give a hug. How does one forgive purely and free themselves of the anger and resentment?
Right now the only solution I can think of is to go through the anger. Admit that it is there. Pretending otherwise is a heavy burden on it’s own. 

Why do we encourage a world where people are not allowed to feel what they feel entirely?
“Hi, my name is Tokiso Masechaba Molefe and I’m angry!”

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  1. Nicely done, being truthful is the first step, we have all been led to believe that only the "good" emotions are the "right" or "correct" ones, I say the roller coaster is so much fun due to the twist and turns, ups and downs, feel free to explore the entire spectrum of your emotional existence. That is the only way to fully and truly relish any of your emotions.