Thursday, February 23, 2012

We Live We Learn (Part 2)

The art of frustration! Yeah I’m still trying to understand these undesirable emotions that are present in our lives…okay let me say my life. I’d really like to convince myself until I believe it that I’m the most positive person I know but life has a funny way of testing titles we place on our selves.

The year began and I had beautiful quotes about the “positivity of life” dripping from my tongue.

This was the status quo until it was put to the test; from family to work to friendships…everything. I was hit and probably still hit by a hurricane: rough times of note. My life boat rocked so hard waking up in the morning was damn near impossible. Going to work and performing felt like punishment from the devil himself. Living was hard labour. It’s during these times you notice that you are putting in so much into everything but the returns are not adding up.

But Winston Churchill said it well, “If you are going through hell; keep going”.
I’m not going to give you the ‘Some one has it worse than you’ speech because that irritates me as well. I believe that we should be allowed to live through our frustrations. But as we go through them we must: Wake up, give our best, sleep and wake up to do it all over again.

Something’s got to give. Wake up, get dressed, show up and give your best. I don’t care how angry you are with the world or how frustrated you are – just do it until you are not doing it any more. Something will give, whether it is an idea of how to get your self out of that rut or an opportunity breaks….something’s got to give.

When you give up – that’s when you stop living. Frustration sucks but it’s no excuse to stop trying.  

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