Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I believe in fairy tales because they afford me the opportunity to dream the impossible. Think of Cinderella, Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. All these stories had a happy ending regardless of how crazy the story line was. 

Our world has become so twisted and crazy that it’s getting harder to keep positive. Petrol price in South Africa is making motorists stupid, unemployment is on the rise, companies are retrenching; atrocious crimes are on the rise and let’s not even talk about the wretched state of our political affairs.

There is so much to complain about and so much to look at that proves that nothing is working out. But I still believe in happy endings. They happen every day in small moments; the giggle of a 9-month old baby or their attempt at walking. That BBM from a friend sending you love – just because they miss you, a shared joke with a sibling that leaves your tummy in pain. Flirting with the guy helping you at the till – it’s cute because you both know that it will end there – well hoping we both know this.

A happy ending in the real world might not come in the form of a Knight in shining armour and a palace (although that would be perfect) but it can be found in small moments. A smile, a hug, an email, a favourite song suddenly playing on your radio, a call and even congratulating yourself for doing something small.

I believe in Fairy Tales and every night before I sleep I find my happy ending; even if I have to think of one silly thing that happened or imagine myself in a magical world. Call me crazy but you need a bit of insanity to survive these days of our lives!

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