Friday, August 17, 2012

Oh Anthony...Thank You!

I appreciate good music and have a soft spot for live performances. Anthony Hamilton’s performance in Johannesburg, 16 August 2012, at the Ellis Park Indoor Arena, gave me goose bumps! 

I've loved this man’s music for as long as I can remember and some of his hits are soundtracks to major relationship break downs and romantic moments. So when at the last minute I was invited to go to the concert I grabbed some tissues and gave myself a good talking too about crying in public and controlling the urge to call an ex (Yes his music does that to me).

But when Anthony Hamilton and his band gave an explosive performance I ended up with new memories and forgot about the past. 

The sold out venue was jam packed with well dressed Jozi folks ready for a good time. Anthony had grown men belting his tunes and raising their hands like we were in Church.

The energy he had with his band on stage filled the whole arena.

When they performed his hit song Pray For Me…people got on their feet and sang along – it was a phenomenal to experience.

I am certain there were tears in the crowd. What really impressed me more about his performance was the synergy he has with his band. They were all having fun and he let them have their shine. I left there in love with all those boys on stage, and they sure can sing.

The only down side of the show was the opening act: Tshidi from Malaika! The guy before her was amazing but Tshidi traumatised me. She was dressed in a black Freakum dress doing the “Tsipa” on stage! She is a great singer but the whole attempt to be all sexy on stage was disturbing. “I’m back”, she said to the crowd, “and I got my figure back”, she continued whilst rubbing her thigh. I’m now convinced that “sex sells” - for some. 

Anyway Anthony helped me recover. That man and his band can hit our shores again anytime. I had an amazing time!

:-( couldn't take pictures or video but here is a video I found of him performing in Paris! 

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