Sunday, November 25, 2012

Alex Cross (Movie Review)

I’m an action and thriller type of girl. I love guns, blood and a whole lot of ass-whipping. So I get irritated when a movie promises all these things but gives me scene after scene of softness.

Alex Cross features the king of soft, Tyler Perry BUT this is not one of his Madea movies – he didn't write or direct this flick. I was left bored and wishing I’d waited for it to get to DVD.

I’ll be fair, this was his first action role and he performed….okay. 

The movie starts with a not so fit Alex Cross (Perry) huffing and puffing after a criminal, gun in hand. He is wearing a long trench coat which tells you that Cross is a top cop. He is very fatherly in how he leads his team. 

He has a family; a beautiful wife, two adorable children and his mother stays with them. And his mother is played by one of those grand-mothers from his Madea movies. 

Anyway, somewhere past the soppy stuff, in comes the villain played by Matthew Fox. He is my favourite character. 

He can give one hell of an ass whipping, is very smart and loves to give pain – and can take pain just as well. This psychopath saves the movie. 

He doesn't say much through out the movie but when he speaks, chills run down your spine. But as soon as the movie turned to the hero, I couldn't help but start digging in my hand bag for hand lotion, then my lip gloss, and yeah that mint I know is in there somewhere.

The villain dies and just as I was about to grab my bag and rush out the cinema Cross says, “…no it’s not over”. My immediate reaction was, “what now!”

Ultimately the movie ends with a scene that could have come straight out of a soppy Tyler Perry movie. This is a nice movie for a couple making a compromise of sorts, when one is into action and the other soppy stuff. It’s the greatest compromise. 

But if like me, you are into hard core action; wait for it on DVD. 

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