Sunday, May 12, 2013

Increase Your Worth!

I believe growth is everything!

Have you noticed how children aim to increase their worth? They crawl, they crawl faster, they realise that standing is possible, they discover they can use furniture to walk, then they start to risk walking without holding on. Once they walk and discover running… try catching them!

So that’s how I’m feeling right now. I’m crawling… and it’s exciting!

Every time someone I know tells me about any kind of growth in their life– my heart skips a beat in joy.

Growing up has taught me that increasing your worth is not just about increasing the amount of money in your account or the material goodies you can afford.

NO! I’m talking about knowledge, skills, starting new things, taking new directions…all of that. I’m talking about the kind of worth that no one can take away.
  •  No one can take away your education
  •  No one can take away the lessons you learn from starting a new project (it doesn't matter if it succeeds, it’s starting that matters)
  •  No one can take away learning a new skill (whether it’s learning how to put together a presentation or learning a new style of writing).

You know your passions, you know your goals and if you are sitting there waiting for something BIG to happen before you make a move; you are not increasing your worth but wasting time; you are not living!

It really doesn't have to be a big thing;
  •  Read a section of the paper you don’t usually touch,
  • Enroll for a short course,
  • Attend a networking conference,
  • Learn about the stock markets…small things like that
I've been reading a lot of biographies and profiles on successful people and one thing that is constant about them is that they keep improving themselves.

If you are constantly focusing on the “why I can’t” walls, you will miss the “let me try this” bridge.

Excuses are much easier than getting up and doing something. Every baby step you make is increasing your worth.

Challenge yourself daily to do something new! Every Friday look back at your week and ask yourself:
“Is the person I am today, better than the person I was on Monday”

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