Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Letter To My Forever After by Sizwe Mkhize

I know how we'll meet, chat and share a sentiment over a pot of tea.
I know how we'll kiss and tell our tales and adventures. I know how you look, walk, smell and laugh.
I know your smile, your tears and pain.

I know the next chapter in your life, the new colours and new habits you'll adopt, the new love notes; I miss you, I love you. 
And no we didn't rush into this. 
I know your first thought in the morning and your last. I know that when God gives you to me and me to you... I know it will be us with a new beginning and happy forever after

I know to have patience, because you are worth the wait, and I don't lose patience with each rising of the sun and the setting of the same. Instead I am happy because I know I'm one day closer to being with you.

"This is why I've been single, but at least I've drafted my letter to my Queen"

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