Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Thoughts: Focus on you!

How much time do you spend knocking another person’s hustle? And I use the term hustle as meaning their drive and push to reach their desired goal. 

Many of us, I’d hope, wake up with a goal in mind – we work towards something bigger than the daily grind. Some of us do it the conventional way of a regular nine to five, others have more than one job and others are pushing their God given talents to do what makes them happy. 

We don’t have the same method, we don’t share the same goals and chances are what is “right” and “proper” to you won’t be the same for the next person.

How much time do you spend knocking another person’s hustle? 

Is your constant banter pointing out that someone is fake, unrealistic, “they’ll fall soon” or whatever it is you think proves your argument – making a difference in the world? 

Unless you are whistle-blowing illegal activities or saving someone you love from a con-artist; what purpose does you negativity serve society and most importantly – YOU?

A bit of gossip is healthy – they've said – and it is okay to not like someone. But be careful how much of your time you dedicate to this person you don’t like. 

When you don’t like someone they shouldn't matter – if you are constantly talking about them you are making them matter.

A day has 24-hours, death does not procrastinate – be selfish with your time because it is borrowed. 

Focus on your hustle; focus on your happiness - Do You! Spend more time preaching your truth and less knocking someone who you've decided doesn't deserve to be where they are or doing what they do. 

Invest your time carefully – it is precious.

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