Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Thoughts: Be Selfish!

We get so caught in pleasing people we deny ourselves the pleasure of pleasing ourselves first! Yes! The pleasure! 

I've recently rediscovered myself after spending too much time walking on egg-shells making sure everybody else is happy around me. It is so exhausting! 

I was always tired. But now, it's all me! Maybe it's growing up but I'm loving this phase. I feel no need to walk on egg shells for the others. Those that love me - will love me, flaws and all. 

I'm learning and unlearning so many things right now. I'm changing my mind and rethinking old teachings. I feel like I'm meeting myself all over again. 

I've taken up yoga, pilates and started road running again. My career is going through changes. I'm listening to new music and playing old favourites. I'm reconnecting with friends and making new friends. And all this at a pace I'm loving. No rush. No competition. 

I got nothing to prove. I have nothing to explain. And if there is one thing I'm loving most is that - I've found my smile again. 

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