Sunday, November 24, 2013

Some things are not meant to make sense!

Ever played out a moment in your life over and over again in your head – trying to make sense of the situation, looking for blame, trying to figure out where things could have changed? How many answers did you get? Would they have changed things for the best? How sure are you of this?

Some things are not meant to make sense! That’s what I've decided and it grants me sanity – especially in situations that brought some form of pain – a suffering. We don’t usually question happy times but we question the bad. We ask why me, what did I do wrong, was I not good enough, did I not give it my all…

Meditating on the past and the ‘what could have been’ of life is not healthy. We breathe life into the past, we keep the hurt alive, we keep it fresh – at some point we must accept and move on.

I’d love to have all the answers to all my pains, my struggles and things that just fell apart without warning – but the fact of the matter is, some questions are best left unanswered.

Pain is inevitable – find your strength, learn the lessons and move on. There is no time-frame as to how long this might happen and I believe that forgetting is not always possible. But I do believe we can carry on. We can carry on knowing that looking back, there are some things you can’t explain and I also believe that some times the answer to the question will come when we live our best lives.

But until that time the answer comes, if it does, I am comfortable accepting that some things are not meant to make sense. 

How do you find your sanity in the pain? Please share...

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