Friday, May 13, 2016

Dear #MyGoogleZA...[A love letter]

Hey you, I’d say it’s been a while but I checked with you about this letter before I wrote it. I don’t remember when, where and how we met but it feels like you’ve been with me my whole life. From my days as a tertiary student trying to figure out different political ideologies and learning to sift through facts and fiction…you are consistent but not all your info is honest.

This is what I love about you. You’ve connected me with people, places and subjects I doubt I would have met had you not been created. I still remember how when I applied for my honours degree at Wits, it was with your help that I could get all the information I needed. And that one time you saved me from dating a married man and how could I forget how your maps got me to interviews on time.

As you grow, I’ve grown. Thanks to you, I have gone from being a journalist to a digital content strategist – how cool is that. Every day I find myself asking you “how to…” so many things. My current obsession are the motivational videos on YouTube that kick-start my day and the great fitness beasts that encourage me to keep moving.

Oh, Google….without you I would be incomplete. I check with you everything from how to decorate my house, put together a budget, put together a research paper for my Masters…basically you have your hooks on me.

Thank you for always having my back – even though you’ve pissed my doctor off a couple of times.

Yours in curiosity,

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